Weather Related School Closing (Policy OG-4)

The decision to close Clarkson College due to adverse weather conditions will be made by the College President or his/her designee. The decision to close will take into account the severity of the forecasted weather; the potential threat to the safety and well-being of students and employees; and the ability of the physical plant to operate.


Cancel Classes, College Closed (Monday through Friday)

  • Canceling all classes.
  • Clinical Students (within the area affected by the severe weather conditions) should follow the program specific weather closing policy.
  • College personnel (staff and faculty) will not be required to report to work.

If the weather overnight is severe, warranting closing, the notification will be made prior to 5:00 am.

If the closing occurs during the day:

  • Classes will be dismissed
  • Students at clinical sites will be governed by the severe weather program policy

If the weekend weather is severe, the decision to cancel any activity is at the discretion of the Directors. Activities can include Professional Development classes, Student Activities, Graduate Weekend and Clinicals.

If the Director cancels weekend activity:

  • Contact the Director of Marketing for communication.


  1. The Director of Marketing will contact the media; update the weather line, update the website, send an all campus electronic communication, which will include students and update any social media utilized by the College for communication.
  2. The Director of Admissions will place a message on the main phone line of the College.
  3. Faculty or the student (if designated by the faculty) will be responsible for making sure their clinical sites have been informed of the closing.
  4. Director of Facilities will use the campus Emergency Notification System to notify employees and students.
  5. The Director of Facilities will lock down the main building and student center and notify Public Safety that we are closed.


If the College is officially closed due to adverse weather conditions, employees will be paid at their normal rate for any scheduled work time missed.


The College recognizes it is the responsibility of each individual to determine for themselves the risk and/or ability to report to the College or clinical sites in the event of severe weather.

  1. EMPLOYEE - If the College is not officially closed, and an employee is unable to report to work, or chooses to leave work due to the weather, it is the employee's responsibility to:
    1. Notify their immediate supervisor of their absence or intent to leave work.
    2. Fill out appropriate paperwork for hours missed by using PTO or personal/sick hours, if they wish compensation for those hours.