Online Education

Center for Teaching Excellence
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Clarkson College offers a number of online and hybrid courses each semester via online education.

Online education is a form of distance education where the educational content is delivered asynchronously over the internet. Expectations of online education students are the same as students attending classes on campus. An online course will take at least the same amount of time as a traditional course. Time spent in the classroom is replaced with reading, completing assignments, listening to presentations, participating in online discussions, and using web-based technologies such as email to communicate with classmates and faculty.

Some courses are offered in hybrid format. Hybrid courses include aspects of both online and face-to-face instruction, where up to 49% of the traditional face-to-face instructional time is replaced with online work. Students are typically expected to complete assignments, quizzes and exams via the Learning Management System (LMS), and required to be on campus for other portions of the course. A hybrid course will take at least the same amount of time as a traditional or online course. Support services are provided to ensure online and hybrid education students have similar access to the educational resources available on campus.