Incomplete Grades (Policy AA-10)

A final grade of Incomplete “I” is a temporary grade but must be maintained on the Academic Record (transcript) until a grade is assigned.


Assignment of an “I” is at the discretion of the course instructor and appropriate program director. The student who is passing in a course may be assigned a final grade of "I" if some portion of the course work remains unfinished or if there is an Academic Integrity issue under review.

Students who receive an "I" during the semester they apply for graduation must complete course requirements by Census Day of the following semester. The graduation date for students, who fail to meet course requirements by the required deadline (Census Day), will be moved to the next semester graduation and will graduate at the end of the appropriate term.

An Incomplete Grade Form must be completed and signed by the instructor identifying the reason for requesting an incomplete, the specific work that the student must complete to receive a final grade, and the date by which the work must be completed. An incomplete grade must be removed within the timeframe designated by faculty or the "I" will convert to an "F" grade.