Freedom of Expression (Policy OG-22)

Clarkson College defends the right of free expression of ideas, including the right of peaceful assembly. The College will uphold this right on behalf of all persons associated with Clarkson College and will disapprove actions by any group or individual that would seek to restrict the appropriate freedoms of any other group or individual.


The College reserves the right to place reasonable time, manner, and place restrictions on all forms of expression.

The College encourages all its members to resolve concerns/issues by communicating with the individual(s) directly involved. If this attempt fails or is not feasible, the established order of Clarkson College personnel listed below should be used for initial communication and appropriate direction as needed. Confidentiality in communication of any concern/issue shall be limited to persons who have a need to know.

Academic Issues

  • Faculty directly involved
  • Program Director
  • Dean, where applicable
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA)

Non-Academic Issues

  • Individual(s) directly involved
  • Supervisor/Manager
  • Vice President of Operations