Clarkson College Behavioral Intervention Team (Policy SW-24)

The goal of the Clarkson College Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to enable the College to intervene early and provide support and behavioral response to students displaying varying levels of disruptive, distressed, and disturbed behaviors. The BIT, after consulting appropriate resources both internally and externally, will have the authority to take appropriate actions for the safety of the College community. 

A reporting mechanism has been established; the chair of BIT reviews all student referrals and may convene the BIT to discuss the student issue or concern. Actions of BIT may include:

  • Consultation with program director, faculty, or other members of the Clarkson College community on any student issue(s).
  • Gathering pertinent information regarding a student issue.
  • Evaluate information and serve as a liasion to obtain community resources to address student issues.
  • Determine protocol regarding follow up for the student issue and/or concern.
  • Ensure a plan is developed with the student.
  • Be responsible for information feedback appropriate parties.


  • Any concerned individual should complete the online Student Referral Form. The BIT chair (director of Academic Success) reviews all forms and will triage appropriately.
  • When concerned about the immediate safety of a student or the safety of others, please contact the BIT chair immediately. Should the chair not be available, contact the vice president of Operations (VPO) or vice president of Academic Affairs (VPAA). 
  • Employees of the College should also provide information regarding student behavior to their department director; in the absence of the director, the information should go to the appropriate vice president.
  • The team will collect pertinent information from as many sources as possible. If immediate action is needed, either the VPO or the VPAA will intervene; in an emergency, 911 will be called as appropriate.
  • The team will evaluate the information and serve as a liasion to obtain community resources to address the student issues.
  • The team will provide feedback to the department director regarding actions taken.
  • The department director should provide feedback to appropriate faculty/staff involved.

Membership of the team will consist of the BIT Chair, VPO, VPAA, up to two faculty members, the College counselor, and other College personnel as deemed necessary.