Institutional Repository (Policy OG-30)


The Clarkson College Institutional Repository (IR) is an open-access electronic repository that aims to collect, preserve and disseminate the intellectual output of the Clarkson College community. The institutional repository can include scholarly work from students, faculty, staff members, alumni and administration.

Items eligible for the Clarkson College IR must be:

  1. Copyright eligible
  2. Original work of a Clarkson College faculty, student, staff member, or administrator
  3. Scholarly, educational or research-oriented in nature
  4. Intended to be a permanent part of the repository
  5. The author/copyright holder must be willing to grant Clarkson College the non-exclusive right to preserve and distribute the work via the Clarkson College IR


Faculty can submit work to the institutional repository via the online form.

Student items for inclusion in the Clarkson College IR must first be approved by the selecting faculty before submission. Faculty will determine content to be submitted based upon quality standards.