IT Resources Acceptable Use (Policy IT-2)

The Information Technology (IT) resources at Clarkson College are provided for the exclusive use of enrolled students, faculty, staff, and individuals directly affiliated with Clarkson College consistent with the mission of the College.

IT resources include, but are not limited to, the computers, printers, networks, servers, online and offline storage media, software, and data files that are owned, managed, or maintained by Clarkson College. IT resources also include, but are not limited to, information systems, learning management systems (i.e. Canvas), email, computer software, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, and identity management products.


Acceptable Use

Clarkson College users are responsible for the following published guidelines to access Clarkson College IT resources:

  1. A user must use only the system account(s) that has been authorized for his/her use.
  2. Users are responsible for the use of their system accounts. Users should make appropriate use of systems-provided protection features such as passwords and file protections and should take precautions against others obtaining access to their system accounts. Users should not make an account available to others for any purpose. If assistance is needed in gaining access to IT resources, contact the Information Technology Help Desk.
  3. IT resources must be used only for the purposes for which they are authorized. For example, student, faculty, and staff accounts issued for legitimate classroom or office work cannot be used for private consulting, commercial enterprises, and/or personal financial gain.
  4. Playing computer games (other than for educational purposes) on Clarkson College computers is not allowed and may result in the loss of access to Clarkson College IT resources.
  5. Clarkson College grants e-mail access to all authorized faculty, students, alumni, staff, and administration as a privilege, not as a right. When a user accepts an e-mail account to use Clarkson College services, he/she acknowledges the responsibilities for proper use of e-mail. Concerns regarding the use of e-mail should be reported to the Director of College Technology Services.
  6. Users will not try to access other users’ e-mail accounts or other unauthorized areas of the college computer system. 
  7. Users will not use IT resources to violate established federal, state, and local laws.
  8. IT resources shall not be used as a means to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, or discriminate against another person and constitutes grounds for suspension of access to Clarkson College computers, systems, networks, learning management systems, etc., and may result in disciplinary and/or legal action. 
  9. User profile pictures should be headshots and focus only on the individual with neutral backgrounds. Attire should be professional in nature. Clarkson College prohibits the use of images containing nudity, sexually graphic material, or material that is otherwise deemed inappropriate. Clarkson College reserves the right to remove any profile picture that violates this policy and take appropriate actions as outlined by the student code of conduct and/or employee and faculty handbooks.
  10. Users shall not access, copy, or transport Clarkson College programs, files, or data without prior authorization. User software and/or software subscriptions may be used on computers only if the product has been legally obtained and if its use does not violate license or copyright restrictions. Any software or software subscriptions not approved or purchased by Clarkson College will not be placed on Clarkson College machines or utilized without approval from the Information Technology department. Such software may not receive support from the IT department and may be subject to immediate removal or discontinuation. Users may not (nor attempt to) inspect, modify, distribute, or copy privileged data or software, except for users who have been given prior special permission to work with data in accomplishing their job responsibilities, e.g. reporting, etc.
  11. Users shall not attempt to encroach on others’ use of the computing facilities or deprive them of IT resources.
  12. Users shall not attempt to modify systems infrastructure. Users should not damage or obstruct the operation of the computer systems, software, services, or networks.
  13. Users shall not supply, or attempt to supply, false or misleading information or identification in order to access to an IT resource.
  14. Users shall not attempt to subvert the restrictions associated with any system accounts.
  15. Users shall not engage in illegal Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing on Clarkson College networks. Clarkson College will use available technologies to block P2P file sharing applications in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act. If necessary, Clarkson College IT will assist users in finding legal alternatives to software and services deemed as “illegal.”
  16. Users will only upload, disseminate, transmit, or share files that have been legally obtained, and where use does not violate any licensing or copyright restrictions.

Privacy is not guaranteed, and users should have no general expectation of privacy in accounts on Clarkson College IT resources. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary for IT staff or other members of Clarkson College administration to access Clarkson College accounts. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, maintaining the system, investigating security or abuse incidents, or investigating violations of this or other Clarkson College policies. Clarkson College employees may also require access to an email account in order to continue business where the email account holder will not or can no longer access the account for any reason (such as death, disability, illness or separation from the College for a period of time or permanently). Such access will be permitted on an as-needed basis and any information assets accessed will only be disclosed to individuals who have been properly authorized and have an appropriate need to know or as required by law.

Disciplinary action for violations shall be governed by policies and procedures of Clarkson College and/or Statutes of the State of Nebraska and federal law, including civil and criminal legal actions. Persons who violate this policy may have their access privileges to Clarkson College computing systems revoked if determined necessary by the governing authority.

This policy will be placed in the College Academic Catalog for all students to read. An email will be sent annually to all students disclosing this policy.