Undergraduate Deans List (Policy AA-27)

During each semester at Clarkson College, undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program with notable academic achievements are given public recognition by publication of the Dean’s List. To be eligible for the Dean’s List the student must be enrolled in at least nine (9) hours of course work in the fall and spring semesters and have a term grade point average (TGPA) of 3.5 or higher. For the summer semester a student must be enrolled in at least six (6) hours of course work and have a TGPA of 3.5 or higher. Students receiving an Incomplete (“I”) grade in a Clarkson College course are not eligible for the Dean’s List.


  1. Registrar runs Dean’s List Qualifier Report and sends notification to the College Support Administrator to print the letters.
  2. Office of Institutional Advancement and Communiations posts the Dean's list on the website.
  3. College Support Administrator prints Dean’s List Qualifier letters and mails out to each qualifier.
  4. VPAA sends congratulatory email to Students All, Faculty and Staff with a link to the Clarkson College website that displays qualifier names in each academic program.