Organizational Governance (Policy OG-15)

Policy Statement

All College policies and procedures will be updated and maintained by the President’s Office and will be available electronically through the intranet. Policies and procedures will be coded alphanumerically, as well as by organizational unit (academic and administration). College policies and procedures will provide definition of and standardization of operational policies/procedures and ensure communication and collaboration through the policy review and change process.


Policies are to be placed on the standardized template, which must be requested through the President’s Office administrative staff. All policies will include the following sections:

  1. Section – identifying the appropriate category the policy applies
  2. Subject – identifies the purpose of the policy
  3. Supersedes- identifies the date the policy was last effective
  4. Number – identifies the policy by section and number. If this is a new policy, this is assigned by the President’s Office admistrative staff.
  5. Adopted date - identifies the date the policy was adopted
  6. Effective date – the month/year the policy becomes implemented or is effective
  7. Review date - the month/year policy was last reviewed
  8. Policy - defines the purpose of the policy
  9. Procedure - identifies the guidelines and/or steps necessary to adhere to the policy
  10. Responsible department - identifies the department(s) responsible for maintaining the policy

Electronic Signature Statement

  1. Policy documents will be electronically signed via the approval process by the Clarkson College president.

General Information

  1. The responsible department, a minimum of every three (3) years, will review all College policies and procedures. Policies will be reviewed as scheduled unless substantive changes are needed before that time.
  2. Any individual, committee or program can bring forward a policy for review by initiating the review with the responsible department.
  3. Policies and procedures requiring substantive update, revision or deletion will be presented to the Leadership Council for endorsement from September 1 – February 28 each year. If no changes are made to reviewed policies, a verbal update will be made at Leadership Council indicating a review of policies was completed.
  4. The results of the policy review will be reported by the College president to the College Board of Directors.
  5. The President’s Office administrative staff will update the policy and policy review schedule to notate any changes.
  6. The schedule(s) for policy review will be posted and maintained on the intranet by the President’s Office administrative staff.