Security Awareness Programs (Policy SW-37)

Clarkson College provides students, faculty and staff memebrs with safety related awareness activities. Communication, programs and printed material are available to enhance awareness of personal safety, security, substance abuse and sexual misconduct/assault education.


  • During orientation in August, students are informed of services offered by University of Nebraska Medical (UNMC) Public Safety. Students are encouraged to sign up for our E2 Campus Alert Notification System and given the opportunity to sign up during orientation.
  • UNMC Public Safety meets with residential students at the beginning of each semester to discuss personal safety and explain Residence Hall safety.
  • Every September during Campus Safety Week, information is sent to the entire college community regarding personal safety, as well as links to safety videos. This information is sent in conjunction with the Annual Safety and Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report.
  • The Clarkson College Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) offers a prevention program to employees and students, online education modules to employees and students, and bystander intervention/engagement training for employees.
  • The Student Support Team provides online information, printed materials, posters, as well as alcohol education programs throughout the year.

A common theme of all security communications is to encourage students and employees to be aware of their responsibilities for their own safety and the safety of others.

When appropriate, information is given to the College campus through our Alert Notification System alerts.