Articulation Agreements

Clarkson College shall create articulation agreements and/or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with any accredited community college/health system according to the wishes of the academic program directors and administration.

The articulation agreement is an agreement between two schools that delineates course credit at one school to be accepted or transferred and applied toward a degree at Clarkson College.

MOU is an agreement between institutions that expresses an agreed course of action and conditions under which the receiving institution will accept students for matriculation. The MOU is a form, signed agreement that specifically outlines the Clarkson College degree and/or course requirements with the community college/health system or other entity.


  1. The articulation agreements are reviewed annually by academic program directors and the Registrar's office and are housed with the Registrar's office and found on the Clarkson College website.
  2. The MOU agreements are formed as needed. The MOU for a specific academic program with another institution will be approved by the appropriate academic program director, Student Services departments and vice president of Academic Affairs. The agreements will be housed on the intranet.