International Admissions (Policy AD-2)

An international student applying for admission and requiring an I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status) must complete  Certification of Financial Responsibility (CFR) paperwork for student accounts prior to an application decision. Student must be admitted one month prior to the start of the term for processing. This form is built into the Salesforce (CRM) application checklist.

Qualifying on campus international students may be issued an I-20 and will need to provide supporting documentation from a bank or financial institution of the financial sponsor as outlined in the CFR. Clarkson College is not able to issue an I-20 for non-degree courses or programs that are online.

International Transcripts:

Regardless of citizenship status, any student with transcripts outside the United States must have those transcripts evaluated and translated to U.S. standards. Official transcripts are required from all educational institutions you have attended or are currently attending. Transcripts from all institutions outside the U.S. must be official, translated to English and credentialed.