Identification Badge

Obtaining Your Student ID Badge & Key Card

On your Advising and Registration Day, we’ll have staff on hand to take your photo. The College will use this image on your student ID badge, which will be ready for you to pick up at New Student Orientation. You will also be given a keycard to give you access to various buildings and rooms on campus.

Obtaining Your ID Badge Electronically

If you do not live in the area or are enrolled in an online program, you can obtain your student ID badge via e-mail by sending your name and a digital photo of yourself (professional attire, solid background, head and shoulder shot, .jpg or jpeg file format, and no more than 2 MBs in size) to Your student ID badge will be mailed to your current address on file with the College.

Additional Uses of ID Badge

Your student ID badge is also useful for various off-campus and non-school related situations. If you have an internships or clinical rotation, you will need to present your identification to personnel at those locations. You may also be required to present your ID badge for test proctors.

Replacing a Lost ID Badge

Since your Student ID badge is such an important piece of plastic, many students attach it to a lanyard or their car keys. If you misplace or lose your ID badge, contact or the IT Help Desk at 402.552.3911, and they can replace it for a $5 fee.