DNP 919 - Healthcare Policy and Law

This course will prepare the student to design, influence and implement health care policies that frame ethical health care practice/education through financing, regulation, access, safety, quality and advocacy. The student will investigate health care policies that address issues of social justice and equity in health care. The student will apply two additional skill sets: the ability to analyze the policy process and the ability to engage in politically competent action. The student will engage proactively in the development and implementation of health policy at various levels, including institutional, local, state, regional, federal and international levels. Students will demonstrate the essential competencies to assume a leadership role in the development of ethical health policy by contrasting the major contextual factors and policy triggers that influence health policy-making at the various levels.

Semester hours: 3.0


  • GR 798 - Essentials of Scholarly Writing

Last updated: 06/26/2023