Director of Health Care Business
Carla Dirkschneider, M.S., RHIA
PH 402.552.6295  TF 800.647.5500

This program is for individuals who are interested in getting a certificate that specializes in Informatics and Data Analytics. The Certificate in Health Care Informatics complements any health care related field and provides the fundamental knowledge in the subject areas of healthcare information systems and data analysis.

Admission Policies

Enrollment in Clarkson College degree programs is limited through a selective admissions process. Admission policies and procedures are available from: the Admissions office, the College website, or in the Academic Policies & Procedures section (AD-1).

Required Courses for Certificate in Health Care Informatics

Course Requirements

(19 semester hours)

Courses Semester Hours
BU 104 - Basic Computer Applications 3
BU 205 - Advanced Computer Applications 2
HM 260 - Data Management and Analytics 3
HM 342 - Health Care Information Systems 3
HM 444 - Advanced Health Care Information Systems 4
HM 460 - Advanced Data Management and Analytics 4
Total Semester Hours 19

Total Semester Hours in Program 19

Last updated: 04/08/2019