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Carla Dirkschneider, M.S., RHIA
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The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Business degree with a major in Health Information Administration (HIA) is designed to develop the knowledge, leadership and critical-thinking skills for individuals to become successful in the health information management field.

Program Specific Competency Goals

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Business with Major in Health Information Administration degree, graduates will:

  • Communicate effectively within the healthcare environment. (Communication)**
  • Apply Information Governance standards across the healthcare continuum. (Critical Thinking, Technology)**
  • Comply with appropriate policies and procedures for the protection and security of health data. (Critical Thinking, Professionalism, Communication)**
  • Make use of processes and systems to retrieve health data, monitor accuracy, and perform data analytics.(Critical Thinking, Communication, Technology)**
  • Monitor revenue cycle processes within healthcare environments. (Critical Thinking, Technology)**
  • Adhere to national, state, and organization-wide compliance regulations. (Critical Thinking, Communication)**
  • Demonstrate knowledge and behaviors compatible for leadership positions with the HIM community. (Critical Thinking, Communication, Technology, Professionalism, Diversity)**
  • Use appropriate technology and decision support tools in order to succeed in the HIM environment. (Technology)**
  • Demonstrate professional, ethical, and legal standards of conduct appropriate in the HIM setting. (Professionalism)**
  • Respect cultural, ethnic, gender, and lifestyle differences in the workplace and community. (Diversity)**

**Categories denoted in the parentheses represent relationship to Clarkson College’s student success skills, which are our institutional student learning outcomes, and include Communication, Technology, Critical Thinking, Diversity, and Professionalism. 

Admission Policies

Enrollment in Clarkson College degree programs is limited through a selective admissions process. Admission policies and procedures are available from: the Admissions office, the College website, or in the Academic Policies & Procedures section (AD-1).

Curriculum Requirements

In order to complete a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Business degree with a major in Health Information Administration major at Clarkson College, students must successfully complete a total of 128 semester hours. These hours must be distributed as follows:

  • General Education = 40 semester hours (which include nine semester hours of the Clarkson College core curriculum).
  • Support Courses = 16 semester hours
  • Health Information Major Courses = 60 semester hours
  • Health Care Business Elective Courses = 12 semester hours

Service Requirements

Service reflects a holistic view that focuses on how individuals provide high quality, ethical and compassionate service in the field of health care and the community at large. Students will become familiar with service agencies, connect learning with practice and engage in civic service activities to live and demonstrate the Clarkson College Values of Learning, Caring, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence.

All students are required to complete designated service courses as a component of their program of study. Successful completion of service experiences is required to pass the designated service courses. Core and Designated service courses are identified using the following symbol: ◊

Required Courses for Bachelor of Science in Health Care Business with major in Health Information Administration

General Education Courses

(40 semester hours)

Courses Semester Hours
EN 101 - English Composition I 3
EN 102 - English Composition II 3
IC HU EA - Health Care Core Course 3
IC HU EA - Health Care Core Course 3
IC HU EA - Health Care Core Course 3
MA 130 - College Algebra 3
ST 310 - Statistics 3
IPE 301 - Interprofessional Education 0
Electives 19
Total Semester Hours 40
Support Courses

(16 semester hours)

Courses Semester Hours
BU 104 - Basic Computer Applications 3
BU 205 - Advanced Computer Applications 2
GEN 105 - Medical Terminology 1
HM 180 - Essentials of Pharmacology 2
HM 224 - Anatomy and Physiology for HIM 4
HM 324 - Disease Process 4
Total Semester Hours 16
Major Courses

(60 semester hours)

Courses Semester Hours
HM 108 - Concepts and Principles of HIM 3
BU 240 - Health Care Delivery Systems 3
HM 255 - Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information 3
HM 230 - Coding I: Foundation of Coding 3
HM 260 - Data Management and Analytics 3
BU 310 - Revenue Cycle Management 3
BU 320 - Human Resources Management 3
HM 331 - Coding II: Principles of Coding 3
HM 332 - Coding III: Principles of Coding 3
BU 335 - Managing Healthcare Departments 3
HM 342 - Health Care Information Systems 3
◊ HM 368 - Professional Practice Experience I 2
BU 375 - Concepts of Leadership 2
BU 411 - Operations and Quality Management 3
BU 425 - Project Management 3
HM 444 - Advanced Health Care Information Systems 4
BU 450 - Strategic Management 3
HM 460 - Advanced Data Management and Analytics 4
HM 477 - Health Information Administration Assessment 1
◊ HM 495 - Professional Practice Experience II 2
◊ BU 499 - Capstone 3
Total Semester Hours 60
Health Care Business Elective Courses

(12 of the following 27 semester hours)

Courses Semester Hours
BU 121 - Survey of Economics 3
BU 130 - Principles of Financial Accounting 3
BU 199 - Principles of Managerial Accounting 3
BU 210 - Business Communications 3
BU 211 - Business and Health Law 3
BU 306 - Principles of Management 3
BU 326 - Principles of Marketing 3
BU 344 - Business Finance 3
BU 371 - Organizational Behavior 3
Total Semester Hours 27

Total Semester Hours in Program 128

Last updated: 03/17/2020