MI 384 (DMI 384) - Pediatric Externship

(Minimum of 180 hours of clinical experience per semester. Some clinical sites require more than the minimum 180 hours. Students will comply with all the clinical site requirements.) This externship course will allow the student to perform hands-on experience in a pediatric setting. This externship course will focus on basic procedures/imaging for pediatrics. The externship will emphasize the unique approach of caring for the pediatric patient in radiology. The externship for diagnostic pediatric imaging will include patient care, principles of ALARA, immobilization techniques, causes and correction measures for artifacts, image archival, operation of imaging equipment for diagnostic, portable, c-arm, and fluoroscopic studies.

Semester hours: 3.0



Restrictions and Notes:

  • Prerequisite: ARRT certification in Radiography. Students must have ARRT certification in radiography and a Nebraska state license prior to externship. When the courses are taken concurrently, failure of MI 413 will result in automatic failure of MI 384.

Last updated: 03/31/2023