NS 844 - Primary Healthcare II

This final course prepares the learner for independent practice and culminates in the management of complex patients across the lifespan with acute and chronic health problems in the primary care settings. The learner will apply primary care concepts in increasingly independent practice by designing care that addresses the levels of health promotion, differentiation of clinical patterns and clinical decision making. The principles of patient education, cost analysis, and cultural and spiritual beliefs are integrated in the development of evidence-based health care management. The concept of caring and its role in evidence-based practice will be woven throughout the course. The course will integrate the principles of advocacy for professional behavior that advances the profession and improves health outcomes.

Semester hours: 3.0


  • NS 840 - Primary Care of Children and Adolescent
  • NS 842 - Primary Care of Women

Restrictions and Notes:

  • Note: Requires preceptor and clinical site approval prior to registration.
  • Clinical hours: 180

Last updated: 04/21/2022