NS 830 - Advanced Physical Assessment

This course examines competencies in history taking and performing comprehensive health assessments and advanced physical examinations of individuals and families of all ages in primary care. The concept of the differential diagnosis is explored, as well as beginning to incorporate that in clinical decision-making utilizing evidence-based practice. Utilization of diagnostic reasoning strategies will be learned as well as the principles of teaching/learning, family assessment to include the geriatric patient, cost analysis, and cultural and spiritual beliefs are integrated in the development of evidence-based practice plans of care. The concept of caring and how it plays a part in evidence-based practice will be woven throughout the course. The course will also examine the use of informatics, how it relates to learning, and how it is used to manage and negotiate healthcare delivery systems when part of the interdisciplinary team. The course will integrate the principles of learning how to advocate for professional behavior that advances the profession and improves health outcomes.

Semester hours: 3.0


  • NS 803 - Health Care Delivery Systems and Managed Care
  • NS 805 - Application and Evaluation of Theory in Nursing
  • NS 838 - Advanced Pathophysiology


  • NS 836 - Pharmacology for Practitioners

Restrictions and Notes:

  • Clinical hours: 50
  • Note: Requires preceptor and clinical site approval prior to registration. A Graduate Weekend is associated with this course.

Last updated: 08/13/2020