NS 261 - Population-Based Public Health Nursing – Health Policy and Current Trends: Theory Online

This course examines population-based nursing practice, public health policy, health care economics and social determinants as they relate to diverse populations and environments. The student will determine factors which create a culture of safety in relation to health care economics and public health policy. The student will identify the influence of environmental health on regulatory policies, legislation and public health. The student will examine the influence of social, political, cultural and environmental factors in public health.

Semester hours: 1.0


  • NS 116 - Introduction of Professional Nursing Concepts and Clinical Judgement: Theory
  • NS 125 - Foundational Skills and Assessment of the Adult: Theory
  • NS 126 - Foundational Skills and Assessment of the Adult: Clinical
  • NS 161 - Introduction to Population-Based Public Health Nursing: Theory Online

Last updated: 06/10/2021