NS 118 - Introduction of Professional Nursing Concepts and Clinical Judgement: Theory

This course is designed to introduce professional nursing concepts of caring, client-centered care, evidence-based practice, informatics, teamwork and collaboration, safety, quality improvement, and professionalism. The student is introduced to the professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to the development of nursing competencies. The Caputi Model for Teaching Thinking in Nursing is utilized to introduce and apply various models to develop clinical judgment.

Semester hours: 2.0


  • BI 211 - Human Anatomy - Lecture and Lab
  • CH 110 - Fundamentals of Chemistry - Lecture and Lab


  • NS 125 - Foundational Skills and Assessment of the Adult: Theory
  • NS 126 - Foundational Skills and Assessment of the Adult: Clinical
  • NS 161 - Introduction to Population-Based Public Health Nursing: Theory Online

Last updated: 04/11/2022