AN 952 (ANA 952) - Clinical Anesthesia Practicum II

Exposure of BSN to DNP in Nurse Anesthesia student to patient care with participation in the administration of anesthesia. Student is provided the opportunity to demonstrate internalization of theoretical concepts and knowledge base application in anesthesia management and techniques. Includes opportunities in various clinical settings, providing the experiences necessary for the student to gain competency for entry level anesthesia practice. During Clinical Practicum II, the student will meet or exceed objectives with guidance while performing preanesthesia assessments, preparation for administration of anesthesia, inductions, intraoperative management, emergence and postanesthesia management. Professional attributes and interpersonal communication are also assessed. These objectives are appropriate for the student’s level of experience. Expectations increase with each semester.

Semester hours: 3.0


Last updated: 03/23/2023