Director of Master of Science in Nursing
Layna Himmelberg, Ed.D., MSN, CNE
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Director of Health Care Business
Carla Dirkschneider, M.S., RHIA
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Clarkson College offers an online master’s degree Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree with an option for Nursing Health Care Administration.  In addition, Clarkson College offers a degree in Health Care Administration.  These two programs can be combined to meet specific professional goals of graduate students. In order to complete this program at Clarkson College, students must successfully complete 54 graduate hours.

Program Specific Competency Goals

Upon completion of the MSN requirements for Nursing Health Care Administration, the graduate will be able to demonstrate:

  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in effective and caring communication with diverse individuals and groups to educate, inform, collaborate, and reflect. (Communication)**
  • Apply complex and evidence-based nuring knowledge and experience to analyze and evaluate strategies and outcomes in healthcare and educational settings to inform decision-making and/or problem-solving. (Critical Thinking)**
  • Demonstrate the awareness of the unique characteristics inherent to all individuals, by appreciating similarities and differences and advocating for caring holistic nursing approaches. (Diversity)**
  • Utilize and evaluate healthcare information technology systems and processes for communication, decision-making, management, and interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance health care delivery. (Technology)**
  • Promote the nursing profession by recognizing and engaging in competent, accountable, ethical, and holistic practice; caring and collaborating relationships; respectful interactions with diverse individuals and groups; and quality- and safety-based decision-making. (Professionalism)**

Upon completion of the Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, graduates will:

  • Evaluate strategies based on concepts of leadership and management theory. (Critical Thinking)**
  • Interpret, synthesize, and apply concepts to evaluate and solve a variety of real world health care situations, through problem recognition, methods of inquiry, project management, and strategic analysis and integration. (Critical Thinking)**
  • Communicate thoughts and ideas effectively. (Communication)**
  • Demonstrate an ability to acknowledge and to recognize those differences that exist among all individuals. (Diversity)**
  • Demonstrate an appropriate working knowledge of computer applications commonly used in healthcare administration (Technology)**
  • Maintain the highest ethical, professional, and legal standards of conduct. (Professionalism)**

**Categories denoted in the parentheses represent relationship to Clarkson College’s student success skills, which are our institutional student learning outcomes, and include Communication, Technology, Critical Thinking, Diversity, and Professionalism. 

Admission Policies

Enrollment in Clarkson College degree programs is limited through a selective admissions process. Admission policies and procedures are available from: the Admissions office, the College website, or in the Academic Policies & Procedures section (AD-1).

Online Curriculum

The Clarkson College online dual master’s degree is designed to be a flexible learning environment. Internet-based instruction offers interactive learning opportunities and comprehensive access to information and resources. Dedicated faculty members are focused on student learning, which helps make online learning a productive and rewarding experience.

To complete the Dual Master of Science in Nursing and the Master’s degree in Health Care Administration at Clarkson College, students must successfully complete a total of 54 semester hours. These hours must be distributed as follows:

  • Core Nursing Courses = 19 semester hours
  • Major Requirement Courses = 26 semester hours
  • Capstone Experience = 3 semester hours
  • Major Electives = 6 semester hours

Clarkson College's Master's degree in Health Care Administration program operates on an academic calendar using semester hours with three terms, each with 12 weeks of instructional time in length, with two of the terms offered over the fall through spring and the third term offered in the summer. Clarkson College's Master's in Health Care Administration program defines its academic year as 36 weeks of instructional time using semester hours. These terms are considered nonstandard terms.

Program requires Health and Safety – View Health and Safety Information

Service Requirements

Service reflects a holistic view that focuses on how individuals provide high quality, ethical and compassionate service in the field of health care and the community at large. Students will become familiar with service agencies, connect learning with practice and engage in civic service activities to live and demonstrate the Clarkson College Values of Learning, Caring, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence.

All students are required to complete designated service courses as a component of their program of study. Successful completion of service experiences is required to pass the designated service courses. Designated service courses are identified using the following symbol: ◊

Required Courses for Dual Degree - Master of Science in Nursing and Masters in Health Care Administration

Nursing Core Classes

(19 semester hours)

Courses Semester Hours
IPE 301 - Interprofessional Education 0
GR 798 - Essentials of Scholarly Writing 1
◊ NS 803 - Health Care Delivery Systems and Managed Care 2
NS 805 - Application and Evaluation of Theory in Nursing 2
NS 807 - Theories and Concepts of Advanced Practice Roles 3
◊ NS 808 - Nursing Law and Ethics 3
NS 812 - Research Design and Methods 3
NS 813 - Research Design and Methods II 2
GR 847 - Applied Statistics 3
Total Semester Hours 19
All courses are 15 or 12 weeks in duration.
Major Requirement Courses

(26 semester hours)

Courses Semester Hours
MB 800 - Ethics in Leadership 2
MB 808 - Health Care Leadership 3
◊ MB 818 - Organizational Behavior 3
MB 821 - Healthcare Data Analytics 3
MB 826 - Healthcare Strategic Management 3
MB 828 - Financial Management in Healthcare 3
MB 833 - Healthcare Quality and risk Management 3
MB 837 - Leading Change 3
NS 898 - Nursing Health Care Leadership Practicum 3
Total Semester Hours 26
All courses are 6 weeks in duration with the exception of the practicum.
Capstone Experience

(3 semester hours)

Courses Semester Hours
MB 900 - Capstone 3
Total Semester Hours 3
Course is 15 or 12 weeks in duration.
Major Electives

Students must choose a total of 6 semester hours as part of the degree.

Courses Semester Hours
MB 813 - Healthcare Law and Policy 3
MB 819 - Human Resources 3
MB 836 - Health Care Project Management 3
MB 839 - Healthcare Reimbursement 3
MB 845 - Management of Health Information 3
MB 846 - Fundamentals of Informatics 3
MB 848 - Systems and Database Design 3
MB 850 - Healthcare Information Systems 3
MB 899 - Independent Study for Health Care Administration 1
◊ MB 903 - Internship 3
Electives 9
Total Semester Hours 37

All courses are 6 weeks in duration besides MB 899 & MB 903, which are 12 weeks duration.

Last updated: 08/13/2020