Interprofessional Education and Service Requirements (Policy AA-54)

Interprofessional Education (IPE) at Clarkson College is a program, through a zero-credit course, designed to provide students, faculty, and staff with an overview of health care professionals’ roles and responsibilities, which focuses on how to provide client-centered care that embodies values and ethics; insight into how to collaborate with the interdisciplinary health care team using effective communication that is respectful and assertive; and ways to develop leadership skills and take accountability for behaviors (IPEC, 2011). The ultimate goal is to optimally promote teamwork and improve collaborative skills for positive outcomes. The IPE program is tied directly to the Clarkson College Student Success Skills of Communication, Critical Thinking, Technology, Professionalism and Diversity.

The IPE course is pass/fail and will be recorded on students’ transcripts. Students will be expected to complete the course and their three (3) IPE events (one in each category of service, knowledge and College community), while enrolled as a Clarkson College student, before graduation, to receive their diploma.

Clarkson College defines service as College-related activities in which students, administrators, faculty and staff members engage in a mutually beneficial relationship with an identified agency or group. Service reflects a holistic view, which focuses on how individuals provide high quality, ethical, and compassionate service in the field of health care and the community at large. Students will become familiar with service agencies, connect theory with practice, and engage in civic service activities to live and demonstrate the Clarkson College Values of Learning, Caring, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence.

All students are required to complete Designated Service Course(s) as a component of their program of study. All graduate students will complete a minimum of one (1) service course as a part of their program of study. Undergraduate students will complete a minimum of two (2) service courses as a part of their program of study. Designated Service Courses can be found in the Clarkson College Academic Catalog. Successful completion of service experiences is required to pass Designated Service Course(s).


During the first semester, all incoming students will enroll in the IPE course and are expected to complete the first four (4) modules in that semester and the fifth (5) module before graduation. Tracking will be completed through Canvas and recorded in the Registrar’s office. The IPE program webpage is available to provide a list of IPE experiences and procedures on establishing an IPE experience. All IPE experiences must be pre-approved.

Program directors will update the listing of all service courses on an annual basis during the curriculum and catalog review. Courses are designated by a diamond symbol in the catalog and print materials.