New Student Assessment Testing (Policy AA-60)

All new incoming undergraduate students in on-campus programs (BSN, LPN-BSN, RT, PTA, PTA/CH, PTA/HCB, RT/MI, RT/CH) are required to take the HESI A-2 (Health Education Systems Inc.) pre-advising assessment exam prior to registering for courses. The pre-advising assessment will evaluate students in the following areas: English (Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar), Math, and Biology. Results of the assessment will be used during advising to determine class schedule, support and additional resources.


Program Directors and College Administration will have access to the pre-advising assessment results. Program Directors and/or Advisors will discuss the Pre-Advising Assessment results with their students during advisement meetings. Support services as appropriate will be required for student assessments below benchmark scores (located on the advising form) and may be recommended for other students at the discretion of the Program Director/Advisor.

Institutional reporting and analysis of assessment results and student needs will be completed at the end of each semester and reported at Academic Council by the Coordinator of Student Success. A comprehensive annual review will be completed and reported at the Academic Council Assessment Retreat by the Coordinator of Student Success. Faculty workload and support services will be reviewed annually. Programmatic reporting and analysis will be completed at the end of each semester.

Forms and procedures for advisors can be found on the N drive under Advising and Registration Days.