Academic Related Activities and Travel Release (Policy SW-40)

Clarkson College values the multiple enrichment experiences that are offered and, in which, students will participate while enrolled in classes, school organizations, or College related student employment or scholarship programs. While participating in College related activities, students will be required to sign a student activity waiver form at the beginning of each academic year.

Students are expected to secure their own transportation to and from activities. Students are not allowed to transport any outside parties (i.e. clients, patients, or any individual they are working with) while participating in College related activities. Employees are advised not to transport students. In the event where a related College activity requires an employee to transport students, the College will provide transportation via a rental vehicle.

  1. Students will complete the activity release form on the web upon enrollment and at the start of each academic year before fall registration.
  2. An email will be sent to all enrolled students prior to fall registration requesting them to complete the activities release form.
  3. The completed forms on the web will be automatically sent to the Registrar’s Office and a copy will also be sent to the student.
  4. The registrar’s office will input that the Activities Acknowledgement & Release Form has been completed in Power Campus, and will put a stop in Self-Service if not completed.
  5. A student will not be able to register for fall classes until the Activities Acknowledgement & Release Form and all other stops are completed.  

Activities Acknowledgement & Release Form: