Fire Safety

Student, faculty and staff should develop an awareness of fire hazards and should practice safety precautions. When the fire alarm sounds, everyone should evacuate the building using the stairways. The stairways at Clarkson College are located on the east side of the building and behind the elevators. The stairways can be approached by going down the hall on the north and south sides of the elevators. The elevators should not be used during a fire evacuation.

Fire/Smoke Evacuation:

  • R – Rescue people in immediate danger
  • A – Activate the fire alarm and call Security: 402.559.9511
  • C – Contain the fire by closing all doors
  • E – Evacuate or extinguish if you can safely and quickly

Do not run. Do not re-enter building until told by Fire Department or Security. Floor Leaders and Residential Assistants will assist in accounting for all individuals.