Campus Security

Clarkson College adheres to the regulations of the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990. The College provides security services for all areas of the College campus, including the Residence Hall.

Students, faculty and staff are to report criminal actions and other emergencies occurring on campus to UNMC Security. Security notifies the state and local police agencies when appropriate and maintains records of all criminal offenses. Programs each year are presented for students, residents of the College Residence Hall, faculty, staff and employees on the topics of self-defense, contacting Security and reporting crimes. Statistics concerning the occurrence of criminal offenses reported to Security are published each year in September. Additional information, including crime statistics, safety tips and crime reporting procedures, can be found online at

Clarkson College Security is provided in cooperation with UNMC Security department. Call Security at any time for your security concerns, but also follow up by informing the Facilities Department about any security issue. Security’s phone number is 402.559.5111.

Emergency blue light stations are located in Clarkson College Parking Lot 12, by the gate into the courtyard, in between student parking lots 51 and 52 and in the alley by the Family Medicine Building. The emergency lights are there for any security issues such as: your car is not starting, locked car, suspicious person in the parking lot or by the College, any immediate dangers or threats, etc. Steps to use the emergency blue lights:

  1. Push large red button
  2. Light will turn on indicating that your call is being transmitted
  3. Light will turn on indicating the call is received
  4. Speak into the machine to explain the reason for the call
  5. Security will respond immediately