Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC training leading to a commission as a lieutenant in the United States Air Force is available to qualified Clarkson College students through the AFROTC program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). Clarkson College students register for the courses at Clarkson College but attend Aerospace Studies classes at UNO while pursuing their degree at Clarkson College. This opportunity results from an agreement between the College and UNO. Students interested in this program should contact UNO ROTC at 402.554.2318.

The following course descriptions are of Aerospace Studies offered by Clarkson College through the four-year UNO program.

AES 001 Leadership Laboratory                                                   

AFROTC Leadership Laboratory provides initial and advanced military leadership experiences including cadet squadron operations, commanding, training, recruiting, communicating, drill and ceremonies, customs and courtesies, career planning and staff action practice designed to simulate the professional world of the Air Force officer. Leadership Laboratory is an integral part of all Aerospace Studies courses. All cadets must participate.

AES 131-132 The Air Force Today

A survey of the USAF with students studying the mission, function and organization of the Air Force. Emphasis is placed on the major Air Force commands, the environment in which the Air Force operates and how the Air Force works in coordination with the military services. This course provides a basic understanding of the armed forces of the Air Force.

AES 231-232 The Development of Air Power

An introduction to the study of air power. The course is developed from the historical perspective starting with the Wright Brothers and continuing through the 1990s. Emphasis is placed on factors contributing to change in the nature of military conflict and leading to the development of air power as a primary element in national security.

AES 311-312 Air Force Management and Leadership

A study of management from the point of view of the Air Force junior officer. Basic managerial processes, individual motivational and behavioral processes, organizational and group dynamics of change, leadership and communication are discussed to provide a foundation for the development of junior officer professional skills. Actual Air Force case histories are used.

AES 411-412 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society

The armed forces as an element of society, with emphasis on the broad range of American civil-military relations and the environmental context in which U.S. defense policy is exercised. Course themes include the role of the professional military leader-manager in a democratic society; political, economic and social constraints on the national defense structure; the military justice system; and the variables involved in the formulation and implementation of national security policy.

AES 490 Advanced Air Force Leadership/Planning Seminar

This course instructs Air Force officer candidates on advanced leadership principles and planning/organizational skills through a series of group and individual projects. Special emphasis is placed on communication skills. In addition, topics on performance feedback/reporting, drill and ceremonies and ethics are discussed.