Online Education

Center for Teaching Excellence
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Clarkson College offers a number of online and hybrid courses each semester via the Online Campus.

Online education is a form of distance education where the educational content is delivered asynchronously over the Internet. Expectations of online education students are the same as students attending classes on campus. An online course will take at least the same amount of time as a traditional course. Time spent in the classroom is replaced with reading, completing assignments, listening to presentations, participating in online discussions, and using web-based technologies such as email to communicate with classmates and faculty.

Some courses are offered in hybrid format. Hybrid courses include aspects of both online and face-to-face instruction, where up to 49% of the traditional face-to-face instructional time is replaced with online work. Students are typically expected to complete assignments, quizzes, and exams via the Online Campus, and required to be on Campus for other portions of the course. A hybrid course will take at least the same amount of time as a traditional or online course. Support services are provided to ensure online and hybrid education students have similar access to the educational resources available on campus.


Online and hybrid education students follow similar admission processes as students attending on-campus courses and are governed by the same policies found elsewhere in this catalog. Contact the Admissions office for further information.


Advising for the online and hybrid education student is handled by the academic advisors. These individuals are ready to provide personal service and attention to students’ needs. They can direct and guide students to resources in support of the coursework and answer questions. Clarkson College advisors are only a phone call or email away.

Online Education Test Proctors/Preceptors

Local students enrolled in online and/or hybrid courses which require exam proctoring services are required to use the Clarkson College Testing Center. Students who are located outside the immediate Omaha/Council Bluffs are required to locate an off-site proctor which meets  the criteria for Clarkson College Off-Site proctors. Students wanting to use off-site proctors must submit an Off-Site Test Proctor Information Form to the Testing Center within the first two weeks of a term. Detailed information is listed in the Online Education Manual posted on the College website.

Online education students completing courses that require preceptors are encouraged to enroll early and complete all the necessary paperwork for identifying a preceptor prior to the semester in which the preceptor will be necessary.

Equipment/Software Requirements and Internet Service Provider

Students enrolled in an online or hybrid education course MUST download the Online Education Manual for the latest computer hardware and software requirements.

If a student is thinking about purchasing a computer and/or software, they can call the Clarkson College Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at 800.647.5500. The Director can assist in identifying the equipment and software that will best serve a student while attending Clarkson College.

Some programs require students to visit campus for a skills assessment. Contact the appropriate department for current information concerning campus visits for skills assessment.

Financial Aid

Online and hybrid education students qualify for financial aid under the same regulations as students attending courses on campus. Refer to the Student Financial Services section of this catalog for specific qualifications and regulations for financial aid.

Preliminary Degree Plan

Clarkson College offers students information about the length of time and the number of courses necessary for completion of an online degree program prior to seeking admission to the College. This is accomplished through a preliminary degree plan. After the student discusses their educational goals with the admissions counselor and provides copies of previous college transcripts, a personal degree plan is developed.

The plan includes the courses the student is required to complete, the courses which will be accepted in transfer, the proposed coursework credit the student will receive for past military or work experience and the sequence for completing the student’s desired degree, based upon the student’s workload.

The plan is preliminary until official transcripts verifying the courses the student has completed are reviewed and assessed by the College Registrar. The plan does not obligate the student to attend Clarkson College but provides them with the information needed to make a decision.

Schedule of Classes

Each semester, the schedule of classes identifies the courses being offered online or in hybrid format. The schedule of classes can be accessed through the Clarkson College website.


In order to receive textbooks in a timely manner, it is suggested that students purchase their books as soon as they have registered for class.