Gerontology Certificate

Director of General Education
Lori Bachle, M.S.
PH 402.552.6127  TF 800.647.5500

The Gerontology Certificate program is ideal for individuals interested in the many issues facing our aging population. The Gerontology courses are designed to present the physical, psychological, social, and cultural aspects of the lifelong aging process. The important role of the health care provider in direct and supportive care of patients and loved ones at the end of life is highlighted. Students will also explore contemporary policies, programs, and services that impact quality of life, as well as strategies used to develop programs for the older adult.

Prerequisites:  (available at Clarkson College or qualifying courses may transfer)
Students with an Associate’s degree or higher in a health care related field may have the prerequisites waived after review by the admitting Program Director.
Semester Hours
BI 211 Anatomy & BI 213 Physiology (minimum 4 semester hours of Anatomy & Physiology)            4
BU 104 Basic Computer Applications 3
EN 101 English Composition I 3
EN 102 English Composition II         3
MA 120 College Algebra 3
ST 310 Statistics    3
    Total 19
Required courses Semester Hours
HC 220 Gerontology 2
HCS 330 Health and Physical Aspects of Aging 3
HCS 333 Psychological and Social Aspects of Aging 3
HCS 334 Managing End of Life Care 3
HCS 336 Seminar in Gerontology 2
BU 420 Long Term Care 3
PY 220 Dying and Death 2
HCS 410 Fieldwork 3
    Total 21