Post-Master's Certificate in Health Administration

Director of Health Care Business
Carla Dirkschneider, M.S., RHIA
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Post-Master’s Certificate Programs

The purpose of the Post-Masters certificate program is to provide opportunities for students who already have an advanced degree to gain knowledge within a specialty at Clarkson College. The Post-Masters certificate represents the student’s successful completion of the required courses in the chosen administration options.

Clarkson College's Master's degree in Health Care Administration program operates on academic calendar using semester hours with three terms, each with 12 weeks of instructional time in length, with two of the terms offered over the fall through spring and the third term offered in the summer. Clarkson College's Master's in Health Care Administration program defines its academic year as 36 weeks of instructional time. As “quarters” using semester hours, the terms are nonstandard terms.

Service Requirements

Service reflects a holistic view that focuses on how individuals provide high quality, ethical and compassionate service in the field of health care and the community at large. Students will become familiar with service agencies, connect learning with practice and engage in civic service activities to live and demonstrate the Clarkson College Values of Learning, Caring, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence.

All students are required to complete designated service courses as a component of their program of study. Successful completion of service experiences is required to pass the designated service courses. Designated service courses are identified using the following symbol: ◊

Required courses for Post-Master’s Health Care Administration Certificate Program  

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Required Courses (3 semester hours) Semester Hours Duration
MB 798 Fundamentals of Scholarly Writing in APA 1 6 weeks
MB 799 Graduate Roles and Ethics in Leadership 2 6 weeks
    Total 3  
Required Elective Courses (Select 6 Classes) Semester Hours Duration
MB 802 Health Care Delivery Systems and Managed Care 3 6 weeks
MB 808 Health Care Leadership 3 6 weeks
MB 809 Health Care Law and Ethics 3 6 weeks
MB 810 ◊ Human Resources and Organizational Behavior 3 6 weeks
MB 815 Informatics and Analytics for Healthcare Professionals 3 6 weeks
MB 823 Health Care Strategic Planning and Marketing 3 6 weeks
MB 827 Finance for Health Care Leaders 3 6 weeks
MB 834 Health Care Quality and Regulatory Issues 3 6 weeks
MB 836 Health Care Project Management 3 6 weeks
MB 851 Health Care Economics 3 6 weeks
    Total 18  

Total Semester Hours in Program 21