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Skills Laboratories

Nursing Skills Lab

The Nursing Skills Lab is designed to provide realistic, hands-on practice for students in an area that simulates a variety of realistic medical facility environments. There are numerous resources available to facilitate group or individual learning. The south end of the lab features eight patient care cubicles arranged to simulate semi-private hospital rooms equipped with items necessary for direct nursing care.

The north end of the lab has two patient care cubicles arranged to simulate one-bed hospital rooms, a pediatric examination room, an adult examination room, a gynecological examination room, five mobile workstations and a conference area. The classroom contains a video viewing conference area and a computer workstation.

Students using the lab will have access to realistic mannequins and models allowing them to practice skills needed in today’s advanced health care setting. Designated open lab hours are established to allow students to complete required coursework and additional practice. Qualified faculty is available to assist students in practicing skills.

Simulation Lab

The cutting-edge simulation lab allows students to manage hypothetical patient cases using digitally enhanced mannequins that mimic real-life human health conditions.

Located on the fourth floor, the 375 square-foot facility includes a fully-equipped patient room where students can practice procedures such as intravenous line insertion, breathing tube insertion and medication administration; a control room where instructors can manipulate the mannequins by raising their blood pressure or even sending them into cardiac arrest; and a debriefing room where students and their instructors will gather to review and analyze a video recording of how the students reacted to the patient cases.

The simulation lab also houses high-tech, computerized adult and child tetherless mannequins that mimic real patients and are able to talk and respond to the students. These life-like mannequins are controlled remotely by instructors who can make them cry out in pain, move about and even react to a student’s touch. They exhibit symptoms of minor or major injury, as well as mild to life-threatening diseases—almost anything clinical staff might see in live patients.

Physical Therapist Assistant Skills Lab

The Physical Therapist Assistant Skills Lab provides students with an opportunity to practice a variety of clinically related patient intervention techniques. Students have access to an assortment of therapeutic equipment reflective of the current practice of physical therapy. Lab time is scheduled as part of the curriculum and reserved lab hours can be established to allow students to complete required coursework and additional practice.

Radiologic Technology Energized Skills Lab

The Radiologic Technology Lab suite contains a classroom; two x-ray rooms, one of which is energized; a darkroom and a film library. The energized x-ray room is lead-shielded and the viewing window is constructed of leaded glass for student safety. The energized x-ray machine is capable of performing digital fluoroscopy and diagnostic examinations. Two methods of image acquisition are offered. A fully functional darkroom is available for film processing and a CR reader and imaging plates are available for digital acquisition. Completing the digital imaging chain is a quality control workstation and PACS workstation for image manipulation and storage. An energized mammography machine, portable x-ray machine and C-arm are also located within the suite to facilitate student learning.

Nurse Aide Center

Nurse Aide and Medication Aide courses are provided in a classroom-skills lab suite. This facility—located in the lower level of the main College building—offers students the ability to learn as they practice skills needed to provide high quality patient care.