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e2campus Notification System

Clarkson College, in collaboration with UNMC, provides notification through the e2Campus system. e2campus is used to communicate information to the College community quickly.

The e2Campus Notification System requires students to pre-register in order to receive this service. Students can register by creating an account through Self-Service. Go to “Self-Service,” located under the Current Students section of the College website, and click on the e2Campus link under “Students” to complete the registration information. The selective mass communications platform, which is aimed at improving safety on campus, enables the rapid delivery of messages via:

  1. Mobile phone (SMS text message).
  2. E-mail (personal or school account).
  3. Campus text pager or Blackberry device.

Please use your Clarkson College email address as your Username.

Clarkson college and campus security can issue an immediate notification to everyone who is registered