Physcial Therapist Assistant - Traditional Option


The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Traditional 24-month program option requirements are listed below. Admission criteria can be found as stated in the “Admissions Policies” section above. 

Curriculum Requirements

In order to complete an Associate of Science degree in PTA degree at Clarkson College, students must successfully complete a total of 74 semester hours. Students are required to attend year-round, with all PTA courses completed in the sequence, as shown in the sample curriculum. The semester hours must be distributed as follows:

  • Clarkson College Core Courses = 9  semester hours
  • General Education = 18 semester hours (eight semester hours of the General Education hours includes the support courses of Anatomy and Physiology)
  • PTA Major Courses = 47 semester hours

Program requires Health and Safety – View Health and Safety Information

Core Courses – Nine semester hours

Core curriculum courses must be taken at Clarkson College. Core courses are marked with an asterisk (*) after the course name.

Curriculum Plan

The following curriculum plan for an Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant degree has been provided to guide students in preparing a degree plan. Students should seek the advice of a PTA advisor to customize a degree. All semester hours of PTA major courses must be completed at Clarkson College. In addition, once a student enrolls at Clarkson College all general education coursework must be completed at the College.

Service Requirements

Service reflects a holistic view that focuses on how individuals provide high quality, ethical and compassionate service in the field of health care and the community at large. Students will become familiar with service agencies, connect learning with practice and engage in civic service activities to live and demonstrate the Clarkson College Values of Learning, Caring, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence.

All students are required to complete designated service courses as a component of their program of study. Successful completion of service experiences is required to pass the designated service courses. Designated service courses are identified using the following symbol: ◊

PTA Required Courses Traditional Program (24-month option)

The following curriculum plan for an Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant degree has been provided. Below is the lock-step outline of the program’s curriculum to guide students.

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First Year

Fall Semester Semester Hours
BI 211 Anatomy 4
EN 101 English Composition I 3
PTA 106 Introduction to Physical Therapy 2
PTA 107 Documentation for the Physical Therapist Assistant 2
GEN 105 Medical Terminology 1
PTA 105 Functional Anatomy for the Physical Therapist Assistant 3
    Total 15
Spring Semester Semester Hours
BI 213 Physiology 4
HC 104  ◊ Core I: Effective Interactions in the World of Health Care 3
PTA 110 Basic Skills in Physical Therapy 3
PTA 115 Therapeutic Exercise I 3
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
    Total 16
Summer Semester Semester Hours
PTA 120 Therapeutic Modalities I 3
PTA 125 Clinical Practicum I 1
HC 204 ◊ Core II: A Cultural History in the World of Health Care 3
    Total 7

Second Year

Fall Semester Semester Hours
MA 120 College Algebra 3
PTA 205 Pathophysiology 3
PTA 210 Therapeutic Modalities II 3
PTA 215 Therapeutic Exercise II 3
    Total 12
Spring Semester Semester Hours
HC 304 Core III: Ethical and Cultural Frontiers in Health Care 3
PTA 212 ◊ Professional Issues Seminar 1
PTA 220 Clinical Practicum II 3
PTA 230 Advanced Procedures 3
PTA 235 Therapeutic Exercise III 3
    Total 13
Summer Semester Semester Hours
PTA 240 Clinical Practicum III 5
PTA 245 Clinical Practicum IV 6
    Total 11

Total Semester Hours in Program 74