Registration/Add a Course

Class space is allocated using the time of registration as priority. Students are encouraged to register at their designated time to ensure enrollment in a course.

Clarkson College reserves the right to administratively withdraw a student from a course, without prior notice, if prerequisites have not been met or if the stu­dent has not paid the necessary tuition or fees. Registration for clinical courses will be on a first-come basis. Students seeking a degree from Clarkson College will receive priority over non-degree and certificate students.

All students must be registered by the end of the business day on Thursday prior to the start of the semester. A student may add course(s) to their current schedule through the first five days of instruction in a semester or prior to the second class meeting in a short term. This also applies to transferring from one section of a course to another section. After the designated time, the approvals of the instructor and program director of the course are required.

A late registration fee is assessed when a student enrolls for coursework after the designated registration period published in the Clarkson College sched­ule of classes.

A course may be dropped and a refund granted if it is accomplished according to the tuition refund schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate this change in the Registrar’s office. Clarkson College will not be responsible for completed forms that which are given to faculty or staff for submission. Note: Only Student Financial Services may authorize reimburse­ment of fees or tuition. Deans, directors, faculty or staff are not authorized to approve reimbursement.

For more information on registering for classes, see the Registrar section on the website.