Leave of Absence

A leave of absence is “time certain” student withdrawal from Clarkson College. Leaves are granted for a minimum of one semester and a maximum of three consecutive semesters. Any student on a Leave of Absence (LOA) who does not register in any classes after three consecutive semesters will be automatically withdrawn from the College.

A Leave of Absence form is required prior to any semester in which a student will not be enrolled. If a student withdraws from all the courses for which he/she has enrolled after the first day of a semester, the student must complete a Change of Registration/Leave of Absence form.

Readmission to the College may be possible through the application process. Students who withdraw from the College and want to reapply will be subject to the provisions of the catalog at the time of readmission.

When a student’s leave of absence exceeds 60 days or six months with an approved medical leave of absence, the student’s last date of attendance will be maintained for financial aid purposes by the Student Financial Services office.

An educational leave of absence will be granted to any active duty service member who is called to perform military duty that would interfere with the member’s ability to complete the current term of instruction. Educational leaves of absence will be granted for the periods of active duty. Educational leaves of absence are not granted for voluntary active duty or training when the member could schedule the training to avoid a conflict with school instruction. The educational status the member attained prior to being ordered to military duty will be restored upon his or her release of duty without loss of status, academic credits previously earned, scholarships or grants awarded by the College. The educational leave cannot exceed five years.