Graduation Requirements & Procedures

Students must fulfill all of the requirements shown below for graduation to be eligible for the awarding of a degree. Students expecting to complete degree require­ments must file for graduation by the published deadline (one semester prior to graduation). The specific dates for filing for graduation are listed in the schedule of classes. Filing for graduation will automatically initiate a graduation audit by the Registrar’s office. Three obligations must be met for graduation:

  1. Candidacy for graduation has been approved.
  2. All academic requirements have been met.
  3. Financial obligations have been met.

The Registrar’s office will neither send information to nor correspond with any licensing agency, certification program or credentialing center regarding program completion until all of the above obligations have been met.

Students who do not qualify for graduation by Monday of the week of graduation (five days prior to commencement) may not be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony, and cap and gown fees will be non-refundable. Students will be notified by their program director.

A signed diploma will be issued upon verification of successful completion of all coursework.