College Dismissal

College dismissal refers to permanent expulsion from the College, which does not carry the opportunity for readmission. Only by approval of the Vice President of Operations or Vice President of Academic Affairs may a student be dismissed from the College.

When a student is dismissed from the College, the appropriate dismissal and date of dismissal will be placed on the student’s academic transcript.

The individual is no longer permitted to be a student at Clarkson College and is not permitted to reapply to the College in the future.

Academic Dismissal

Students may be dismissed from an academic program because of poor academic performance. Academic dismissal means that the individual is no longer permitted in the academic program, but has the option to reapply to the college.

Academic dismissal is a result of one of the following situations:

  • A student who fails the same major, option or support course more than once will be academically dismissed.
  • A student who fails a total of two major and/or support courses will be dismissed from the academic program.
  • A student may Withdraw Fail (WF) from only two major, support or core courses during their program of study. Withdraw Fail (WF) from a third major or support course will result in dismissal from the academic program.
  • A student who fails to be released from academic probation in the approved period of time will be dismissed from the academic program.
  • Any student who is dismissed from the Radiologic Technology program and is dually enrolled in the Medical Imaging program will be dismissed from both academic programs.

Administrative Dismissal

Students may be dismissed because of action taken by the administration for such reasons as the student being a “no-show” in a course, attendance prob­lems or other such reasons. It is a neutral action and should not be considered as a “negative” or “disciplinary” action.

Non-Academic Dismissal

A student may be dismissed from the College as a result of disciplinary action. This includes social behavior, academic dishonesty and violation of the Student Code of Conduct.