Federal regulations require Clarkson College to monitor student attendance for the purpose of determining a withdrawal date in cases of unofficial withdrawal. The school must demonstrate that the student has remained in academic attendance through a specified point in time. The school’s determination of the student’s last day of attendance must be based on an academically related activity, as documented by the school. The school must verify the activity as academically related and that the student attended the activity. If these conditions are met, the following are acceptable forms of such documentation: exams, records of attendance, tutorials, computer-assisted instruction, counseling, academic advisement, completing an academic assignment, paper or project, or attending a required study group.

Students must attend all classes in which they are enrolled and follow the attendance policies of individual programs as specified in the course syllabus. Each program determines specific attendance policies. Students in skills laboratory courses, clinical courses, practicums and internships are required to attend. Classes may be made up within the same semester at the discretion of the faculty.

In those cases where a crisis (as identified by the course faculty) has occurred, course faculty must be notified, if possible.